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Welcome to my blog! I post about pup stuff, mostly #PupAllTheStations, but maybe some events too.

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I visited Guildford station on the 2nd of October 2020. We were travelling home from a separate event and decided to pup it. I kept my face mask on under my hood. Guildford is situated in Surrey, UK. It is served by South Western Railway, Crosscountry, Great Western Railway and Southern. It was opened byContinue reading “Guildford”

Bracknell/Martins Heron

Another Saturday, another two stations! These two are together because they’re only 5 minutes apart, we visited on the same day and they’re in the same county. I decided we should visit these two after we got food from a specific fast food place with the yellow M logo. First up, Bracknell. There isn’t reallyContinue reading “Bracknell/Martins Heron”

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Link to my Twitter thread of all the stations I have visited so far.

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