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We set off on the 3rd November 2021 in hopes of getting a completely different picture in a different part of Surrey. However that plan went down the drain when we realised that we hadn’t checked local parking, and as such, decided to re-attempt it after we figured out a game plan. We didn’t wantContinue reading “Worplesdon”


Smaller stations are my favourite. Another 27th January 2021 visit. Again, in Surrey. Clandon is served by South Western Railway, as well as Southern Railway. It was opened in 1885. There’s not much to say on this station. On the 4th of January 2019, a 51 year old male was fatally stabbed on a SouthContinue reading “Clandon”


Another smaller station visited on 27th January 2021. Gomshall is also in Surrey, and is served by Great Western Railway. It was opened on 20th August 1849 as Gomshall and Shere Heath by the Reading, Guildford and Reigate Railway. The station was renamed Gomshall and Sheire in March 1850, then Gomshall and Shere in SeptemberContinue reading “Gomshall”

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